The process of creating your bento can be mindful, relaxing and creative when you set the stage with great ingredients and infuse presence and intention into the process. Here are a few tips to help.

Prepare your Mind

  • Prepare to prepare. Sometimes the simple act of acknowledging the endeavor you are about to take starts it off on a smoother path. When we move distractedly between actions we can be less efficient and make mistakes.
  • Do an ABC check-in to focus your awareness and bring your mind to here and now.

Prepare your Space

  • Clear an area on your counter of surrounding clutter to create a prep space. Removing extra visual clutter can help create ease.
  • While clearing, notice with attention how the actions of tidying up feel in your body. If any unhelpful thoughts pop into your mind acknowledge them and release them. Focus back on the sensory aspect of textures and weight and even temperature of the items you are clearing. Getting into the body senses and out of the mental narrative helps create space in your mind.
  • Bring out your pre-prepped ingredients and other foods and accessories.
  • Neatly line up everything up – you will be surprised how this simple trick can create more ease.
  • Do you have an intention for this meal? Hold it in your mind and heart for a couple seconds before you begin.

Prepare your Food

  • While chopping, combining, layering and placing your food into the box, notice and enjoy the colors, scents and flavors as you go. Look closely at the variety of shapes and textures.
  • While making lunches can sometimes feel like a grind, can you find any playfulness in the process? Perhaps adding some unexpected flourishes or flavor/color combinations?
  • Finish with a thought of appreciation for all the farmers and many people involved in bringing this food to your kitchen. And include yourself for the care and energy you brought to creating this tasty wholesome lunch. 😉

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