Bento boxes are a great way to pack a mix of healthy and nourishing food together in one lunch box that’s convenient for work or school. Bento boxes make it easier to set up balanced meals with less effort and kinsho has bento boxes to suit all ages. Thanks to Japanese tradition, creating fun and balanced meals couldn’t be any easier.

bento benefits

·       Eco-Friendly: Since bento boxes are made with durable materials, you don’t need to use plastics to separate the food. Moreover, a bento box is reusable and a great way to promote an eco-friendly environment

·       Cost Saving. Preparing meal time with a bento box is a perfect way for you to save your well-earned money.

·       Healthy Living: With these bento boxes you can be thoughtful about the portions you provide to optimize nourishment and create a balanced meal. Preparing a bento lunch box for your kids will provide them with diverse options for a truly satisfying lunch.

       Create a Joyful Lunch: Choose a wide range of bento boxes with age-appropriate (and adorable) designs to make your family smile every time they use them.

Now let’s look at which bento lunch box styles are good for different ages. There is something for everyone!

TODDLER, PRE-K bento boxes

Smaller sizes, easy to open (or have an adult open for the youngest children) and fun colors make these best selling bento boxes a hit with younger kids.

Our 6 compartment bentos are loved by moms who pack a large variety of food for their hungry kids to choose from. Note that these will be too tight and complex for little kids to close on their own – maybe big brother or sister can help them!

And we newly launched several styles of matching and coordinating lunch bags. So you can find the perfect style to make your little one smile. ?

Find all in stock styles at our amazon store:


primary school bento boxes

Kids grow a tremendous amount in grades 1-6 and our bentos can be filled in a myriad of different ways to provide nutrition and taste every day. 

The beauty of our different size configurations is that they can fit any appetite from kids to adults based on the type of food you use. Include a variety of nutrient-dense, and fiber-full options to satisfy and please your luncher (and yourself.

All our sizes can work for primary school but the youngest children may need to learn how to open and close the lids as they are a tight fit and need to have the lid aligned properly to the base. 

Find all in stock styles at our amazon store:


tween + teen bento boxes

Bigger appetites and hunger-producing activities after school mean tweens and teens need fuel and nourishment in their lunches and after school/pre-activity bentos.

Combining a Classic 1000ml bento with a MINI bento for extra snacks will keep their energy high while supporting healthy eating.

Our large vertical lunch bags come in “teen approved” styles and will fit both a Classic and MINI box.  

Find all in stock styles at our amazon store:



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