happy 2020! 

May your new year be filled with fun times + tasty lunches!

Looking back at the most popular 2019 Instagram posts from our feed and places we were tagged showed a few themes worth taking into the new year. See the photos below and think about these ideas when creating your lunches in the new decade:

  • Loads of color from a variety of chopped and layered veggies and fruits.
  • Variety of types of food that can be eaten with fingers as well as a fork/spoon.
  • Cutting sandwiches in smaller, interesting shapes or placing on its side to reveal the tasty ingredients.
  • Adding sprinkles, garnishes, and dustings of various ingredients to add texture and visual interest. Think about seeds, nuts, herbs, salt/pepper, small veggies like corn/peas, chopped fruit and more.
  • Decorating with bento accessories – food picks, eyes, silicone cups and the like.  (This is why we started selling a version of our Classic 6 bento box that includes nine bento accessories to get started!) 

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