winter holiday bento box fun!


Enjoy bento lunches that are both healthy and festive! Check out the easy ideas below…

Try a green and white theme with an assortment of healthy ingredients.

See how even simple shapes and adornment can conjure a holiday feeling. (Go here for the baby bel cheese ideas.)


These 3 photos from Alaina at Honest Grub, Honest Foodie demonstrate how you can 1) take a holiday meal, 2) turn it into a healthy wrap, and 3) easily pop into your kinsho bento! Check out her pinterest page for more ideas.

These darling food craft ideas would look great in a bento box! Check them out at Bright Star Kids.

 And of course kinsho bento boxes will transport your cookies in style – as well as be a welcome gift in stockings or as a holiday party gift. 😉

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