We all have kinsho– the self-knowledge and intuition gleaned from our many food experiences. We access these insights by paying attention.

Practicing moments of purposeful attention increases our awareness of what we normally gloss over in our multi-tasking, on-the-go lives. Our mind, body and emotions are connected and can guide us to tastier, healthier, more satisfying food experiences when we learn to perceive what’s happening in real-time.

Tuning into our senses, noticing (not judging!) our thoughts and emotions, and quietly observing our body creates those ‘ah-ha’ insights to help us consume in line with our intentions.

Our content is designed to help you perceive your kinsho!

  • Use the microlearning activities to begin to understand your kinsho.
  • Read the insights shared in the longer content on this site to broaden your awareness of what’s possible.
  • Share what you discover to reinforce your understanding and inspire others!

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