We can have a lot of mindless habits around food. Mindlessness can come from lack of interest, assumptions that we fully understand something, or not being conscious of an action. Mindfulness is the antidote to such autodrive behavior.

Mindful eating is paying moment-by-moment attention to our eating experience and observing hunger and satisfaction cues before and during consumption. It’s becoming aware of mental and sensory inputs and letting go of judgment.

Play this Mindful Eating Observation game and experience a fun way to increase your ability to engage fully with your food and yourself. This can help intentionally evolve your eating habits  (researchers find eating mindfully supports weight loss) or simply create more enjoyable experiences.

Ready, set, eat!

Get Present: Take 2 breaths

Feel your breath going in and out of your nose and lungs. Relax into the exhales. Breathing consciously is a simple way to calm the nervous system and bring the mind out of any distraction to the present moment.

hunger check: name it

Put your mind in your belly and rate your physical hunger. How hungry are you on a scale of 1-10? Ravenous? A bit hungry? Or are you experiencing a different hunger – perhaps you’re bored, sad or stressed? We experience nine hungers such as emotional, mindless, and visual hunger. Identify which hunger you have and name it.

sit down, relax, and play this fun 8 step game


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