It may sound basic to mention sitting down, looking at what you are eating, and noticing the sound of your chewing. But ask yourself if you did this for everything you ate yesterday… 

Researchers say we make healthier food choices when sitting to eat, as opposed to being on the move. Sitting also helps us relax and digest our food more efficiently.

Consciously looking at food on the fork before gobbling it allows us to see the color, texture and shape. Science says this visual connection supports gaining more satisfaction from each bite.

And tuning into the sound of chewing also increases satisfaction. Researchers find that noisy environments that impact hearing our chews decreases food’s flavor. Also, the more we chew, the more nutrients we absorb from our food. 

Do it

  1. Next time you eat or snack, sit down. If you don’t feel like it, notice that resistance. Can you feel how resistance manifests in your body, heart or head? Noticing and becoming familiar with our resistance is a first step to moving through it.
  2. Take a few breaths and make sure your mind is with your body as you sit.
  3. How does sitting feel? Mentally scan your body from your toes to the top of your head. Put your attention into the different parts of your body and sense how they feel. Does any tiredness, ache or discomfort show up? Notice how your heart feels – is any impatience, boredom or something else present? 
  4. Look at what you are consuming. Put away the phone, laptop, book or other screens. What do you notice? Look closely at the visual details of what is on your fork and plate. Take a few seconds to do this, get interested in what you will be putting into your body. Any surprises? How does looking at it impact your desire? Do you want to eat it more… or less? 
  5. Listen to your munching. How do different foods sound while chewing? Does your enjoyment change as the sound of chewing evolves? Can you notice if the noise level in your environment impacts the sound? 

What’s your kinsho? Note any observations or insights. If you repeat these actions over time your connection to your food will expand and your kinsho will evolve.


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