Savoring is the act of being fully engaged and aware of your sensory and emotional experience of an event, and prolonging it to appreciate every bit of enjoyment!  (Hello chocolate brownieeeee…)

Scientists have found real benefits to savoring life experiences, including stronger relationships, improved mental and physical health, and finding more creative solutions to problems. Benefits to savoring food include eating more slowly which supports digestion, being satisfied with smaller portions and increasing the enjoyment of your food.

The “art” of savoring is fun and simple – take your time and tune into your senses for each bite of food. Notice the way it smells, looks, feels in your mouth, and any aftertaste. Some supportive actions include putting your utensils down between bites and taking smaller bites to prolong the experience.

Do it

Try savoring the first bites of your next meal or snack.

  1. Bring your attention to the food in front of you, take a couple breaths to relax and then get curious about all the sensory aspects you are about to experience.
  2. Notice the fragrance and color before tasting. What details do you notice?
  3. Take a small initial nibble. How does that first bite feel and taste on your tongue. What flavors emerge. Do they change as you chew?
  4. Keep on chewing a bit longer than you normally would. Draw out the pleasure of whatever you are consuming. How does the texture and flavor change? (Example: the longer you chew bread the sweeter it gets. Your chewing and saliva are breaking down the starch and turning it to glucose.)
  5. How does it really feel to swallow? How far can you feel the food in your throat?
  6. Is there an aftertaste? Where is it in your mouth? What is it like compared to the initial flavor of the food? 
  7. Can you notice your urge for another bite ? How does this actually feel in your body and mind? Is your urge for the same food or a different food or drink? Perhaps after something salty do you notice a desire for some sweetness or some liquid? 
  8. Repeat with more smallish bites and note if and when you become satisfied with what you’re eating. What does satisfaction feel like in your body and mind?

What’s your kinsho? Note your observations and insights. 

For more on savoring beyond the plate: 10 Steps to Savoring the Good Things in Life



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