Kids love bentos! Cute boxes filled with colorful food arranged in neat compartments helps make lunch the best part of the day. 

We’ve also heard these comments from customers about their Kinsho bentos 


¤ Different foods do not touch.

¤ Opening the bento is like “opening a gift!”

¤ All the food is laid out and “looks so pretty.”

¤ They don’t need to keep track of lids from individual containers.

¤ They can proudly show mom that they finished their lunch.

¤ Their friends say they have “cool lunches”.

 Ask your family what they most enjoy about their bento lunch – then do more of that!


keep it cute + colorful

¨Kids taste preferences range from picky to eclectic. All kids will enjoy these tips…

¤ Colorful, fun-looking food is more appealing and more likely be eaten. Use lots of colorful fruit/veggies in chunks and as garnishes. 

¤ Character bentos in Japan were developed as a way for moms to help their picky children eat healthy foods! Add a smiley face on top of items using bits of fruit/veg.

¤ Try simple embellishments like cutting food into shapes with cookie cutters, creating flowers out of veggies, cheese, fruit or lunch meat or using bento picks.

¤ You could also add stickers to items in their own wrap.

one at a time

¤ As you try to broaden a child’s palate, introduce only one new food at a time.

¤ Serve a small amount in one of the compartments surrounded by familiar food. Keep introducing it using different cooking style and presentations. (try a cute food pick to make it fun to try!)

¤ Increase the portion size as you see it getting eaten.

Be aware of time constraints

¤ Often school lunches are limited to 30 minutes and followed by play time. Kids may prioritize having fun with their friends and speed through their eating.

¤ Consider packing a smaller volume for lunch so food does not go to waste.

¤ Then have a healthy MINI snack bento ready for after school.


¤ Help kids become aware of their hunger and fullness and food attitudes by asking questions – what they noticed about the meal, if their tummies were satisfied or not satisfied, etc.

¤ Listen and encourage! When kids happily show mom their empty bentos after school (even the section with veggies) acknowledge what healthy eaters they are! 

MINI Bento boxes

For snacks or small appetites

Stainless Steel Bento boxes

For toddlers and pre-school

kinsho6 Bento boxes

Larger boxes with 6 compartments.


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