mandolinE slicer

Simple to use. Smart design. The perfect daily slicer. Nine adjustable settings without swapping blades.

simply adjustable

Nine different setting from one dial. Smart design for easy meal prep.

patented 9 in 1 Slicing

Sharp and safe. No need to swap blades in and out with wet hands. Simply turn the dial to choose thickness or julienne.

premium quality

Durable ABS resin plastic and hand-sharpened blades. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

streamlined design

The easier it is to prep healthy vegetables, the more you will eat. Our slicer was designed to be streamlined for everyday use. It’s simple to get started without any confusing blades to swap in. It rinses easily, fits in the handiest drawer or cabinet and is a pleasure to use.

Kinsho’s engineer poured over the specs in developing it. Thoughtful details include:

  • Nine of the most popular widths for slices and julienne incorporated into an easy-to-use dial mechanism.
  • Non-sliding rubberized feet to maintain sturdiness while in action.
  • Balancing notches on the bottom to hook on a bowl at various angles.
  • Wide ramp for larger food items.
  • Kickstand that closes for storage.


  • Color: White with grey details.
  • Size: 12.25″ x 5.5″. Blade is 3.75″ long.
  • Care: Recommend careful handling. Dishwasher safe.   
  • Material: Eco-friendly ABS resin plastic. BPA-free. Hand-crafted stainless steel blade.
  • Includes: Hand guard food pusher.

Kinsho tips

Slice when slicing.

It sound obvious, but given that researchers state we think 60-80,000 thoughts per day, our attention is not always tied to our actions.

Being completely present when cooking can be fun, relaxing and cathartic.  Tuning your attention into the colors, sounds, smells and textures of ingredients turning into a meal can transform a mood, as well as the food.

This is exactly what our founder discovered when she began using her first mandoline. The sound of the slicing, the steady back and forth of her hand, combined with the highly satisfying pile of perfectly uniform veggies made her calm and surprisingly happy.

Take a full breath and try it yourself. Let us know what kinsho comes up for you!

slicing tips

Here are simple steps to use our slicer

  1. Work in a clean space and take a calming breath.
  2. Unfold the kick stand if using. Or place the slicer over your bowl or cutting board.
  3. Place the food into the hand guard. This also works as a food pusher to easily slice smaller items safely.
  4. Choose your slice thickness by PUSHING IN the dial and turning it to the desired setting. If you want to adjust the setting during your slicing, simply push in the dial and adjust again.
  5. Align the hand guard and food on the slicing ramp.
  6. Slice
  7. Smile – it’s that easy!

When done rinsing up you can return the dial to 0mm to make the blade level with the ramp for safer storage.


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