stainless steel baby Bento boxes

Baby’s first bento box! Highest grade SUS304 stainless steel compartments with leakproof silicone seals makes mealtimes for little ones a joy. 

leakproof + stylisH

Advanced plug seal design keeps food in each compartment secure and fresh.

designed for small hands

Chunky, contoured latches for easy open and close. Colorful silicone seals.

premium quality

SUS304 stainless steel with high corrosion resistance and food grade silicone seals provide long lasting durability.


portions for mini appetites 

Smaller appetites will appreciate having all their food laid out in three convenient compartments. With these smart looking bentos your toddler or pre-school child can access their meal in its entirety without opening multiple small containers. And kids love having the different food not touch. 😉


 Holds OVER TWO cups in the leakproof compartments, enough to satisfy your baby or toddler’s tummy!

Rounded corners and chunky, easy open latches.

Remember to open the air vent circle first (and close it last) to keep seals leakproof.

7.75 x 5.5 x 2.75″ / 19 x 14 x 7 cm

550 mL / 2-1/3 cups  

Includes: Spork


they eat with their eyes

At kinsho we’ve done a lot of photo shoots with children. One of the biggest challenges with the smaller ones is getting them to look at the camera – because they can’t take their eyes off the food in the bento boxes!

And while we have seen our own children gleefully dig into the bentos we prepare for our family excursions, it is still a surprise when kids we don’t know have rapt attention on opening and exploring the food in their photo shoot bentos. This demonstrates what many researchers have found – that we experience our meals with all our senses, not just our taste buds.

Our bentos make it easy for you to create very satisfying meals for your family by giving you the organized framework to fill in with a rainbow of colors. It doesn’t have to be fancy or take extra time unless you want to. The different shapes and textures of food will naturally create a visually interesting meal. One they may not take their eyes off of until its gone!


AIR tight seals

Compartments are leakproof thanks to the silicone seals. The circular steam vent at the top removes air for easy open and closing and kids love opening it!

long lasting, eco-friendly

The combination of steel, silicone and sturdy recyclable PP plastic makes this a lunch box that will create great lunches and snacks for years.

easy clean up

Steel tray comes out for easy clean up. Please wash silicone seals by hand. Bottom box and tray are top shelf dishwasher safe.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“My daughter love her new Kinsho bento box- especially her spork! 

She’s the envy of all the kids in her class!”
Helena D.

“The stainless steel compartments are really easy to clean. That was not the case with other lunch boxes I tried. Love how eco-friendly and easy this is. “

Susan O.

“My daughter loved the stickers. She wanted to wear them on her shirt too! And she asked me what they were so we had a conversation about eating colorful food.“

Barb W.