The Kinsho Difference

kinsho = kitchen + kenshō

Kenshō is a Japanese term from the Zen tradition translated as “seeing one’s (true) nature.” It is an initial insight or awakening.

kinsho is the insight gained from our many food experiences – our habits, preferences, and reactions. We awaken to these, often unconscious, elements by paying attention around food.

Kinsho’s award-winning products are designed to create more satisfying and enjoyable meals based on the research in our founder’s book.


Our meal experiences are created with our minds as well as our taste buds, and are impacted by our environment. kinsho is the only company using research-based insights on these topics in lunch box design. 

Food that looks appealing tastes better.* Simple grid pattern keeps food neat. White box shows off food’s colors.

Eating more slowly makes food taste better and increases satiety.* Dividers between food act as “traffic stops” to cause micro-pause between bites so we are less likely to “shovel it in.”

Eating smaller portions leaves people more satisfied with the taste.* Different compartment sizes increases variety while moderating portions.

Food tastes better when you’re happy.* Colorful design and bright appetizing food peeking through the clear lid windows make lunch feel like a special treat!

Sturdy yet lightweight with double-wall, air-core construction.

Individually sealed compartments keep food separate and fresh.

Rubberized lid trim enables secure gripping.

Four robust, integrated latches use flexible, living hinge technology to stay secure.

kinsho commitments

The thoughtful approach we apply to product creation also translates to corporate decisions. Read about our corporate commitments here: